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We’re people who like to move and we like the things that move us. Our dream was to help people stay in motion, because movement is freedom. So we created Bikestock. Bikestock is a self-service kiosk tailored to the needs of urban cyclists and pedestrians. Our vending machine repair hubs offer the tools you need to keep moving; from tubes and air to organic chocolate and headphones. Because sometimes you need a head rush. Or a sugar rush. Or just to get to work on time. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered, twenty-four hours a day, cash or credit.

About Bikestock

Bikestock provides support for urban cyclists through a network of vending machines, toolkits, and cycling products.  By making self-service bike repair available around the clock, Bikestock aims to encourage more people to ride their bicycles. Bikestock locations fill in critical gaps in traditional bike shops business hours, while enhancing existing infrastructure.

Cyclists have become a permanent and prominent feature of New York City roads.  200,000 people now ride daily on over 250 miles of bike lanes.  Don’t let complications like flat tires or unanticipated rainstorms keep you from riding.  Bikestock’s network of conveniently placed machines and toolkits will put essential products and tools within reach of cyclists.

Joseph Huba

An avid bicycle enthusiast, Joe’s always found a way to shape cycling into his life. Back in 2009, while attending the University of Maryland for his degree in Sociology, Joe worked at College Park Bicycle, and ultimately spent two years as a bike messenger in Brooklyn. Now an aspiring filmmaker, Joe works in the photography and video industry in New York City.

Avi Kulawy

Avi is a part time web analyst, part-time touring musician. He received his B.S. in Economics from the University of Maryland. He has worked in digital marketing, advertising, and web analytics and spent six months playing music across the globe. He is as passionate about his music as he is about cycling and marketing.

Matthew Von Ohlen

Matthew lives and breathes cycling. A Minneapolis native, Matthew was lucky to grow up with the city’s extensive greenway system, which connects the city’s many lakes and creeks with the Mississippi River. Having spent the last five years bartending and tour managing, you could say Matthew is a people person.

Matthew sees biking as a way to stay fit and to decrease his environmental impact, and is a strong advocate of year-round ridership. A Lawrence University graduate, Matthew has a B.A. in Anthropology, and is currently a mixologist at New York City’s celebrated Apotheke.

Tyler Mintz

Tyler Mintz grew up on a gentleman’s farm with the largest u-pick raspberry patch in town. His love for biking was born in the town forest which was more or less his backyard while growing up in Stow, MA. He’s brought his love for the outdoors to Brooklyn where he and his wife organically farm their backyard, bike on the weekends, and take long walks with their American pitbull terroir, Bella. Tyler received an MFA from SVA’s Designer as Entrepreneur program.

Matt Harrison

Matt will contact you if you want a Bikestock machine at your business or property. He is also Bikestock’s in-house business strategist. He is a veteran of the New York City real estate and start-up world, having worked for the city’s Economic Development Corporation, on his own as an advisor to entrepreneurs and small businesses, and most recently, as a real estate strategist and transaction manager at Tiffany & Co. He believes that cycling—the most efficient form of transportation there is—should be prominent in every city’s streetscape.